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Maldives island

aaaVeee Maldives island resort is an award winning island

aaaVeee Maldives island resort is a small coral island in the Indian Ocean ringed by a sandy white beach and a livin...

Progress Film

The Maldives is a tropical utopia

Crystal waters lapping the shore, white sands underfoot, blazing sun radiating above. The Maldives is a tropical utopia. Check out this film from The Progress Film Company

secluded beaches

Secluded beaches and fresh water lakes in Maldives

Secluded beaches, fresh water lakes, tropical woodlands and amazing sunsets provide the back drop to a week-long holiday

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Yarden Suissa
Paradise is a state of mind live limitless
This is Maldives
Theres nothing like a hammock above the paradise
Relaxing in Maldives
Beautiful sunny day
Wanna dive in